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How Much Does it Cost to Go to Comic Con 2015?

comic con 2015

The world famous San Diego Comic-Con 2015 is scheduled to kick off this week with Preview Night on Wednesday. Panels and events in and outside the convention hall are scheduled for Thursday through Sunday. The convention draws an international crowd of more than 130,000 attendees.

Fans of anime, science fiction, fantasy and pop culture assemble in San Diego to cosplay, attend panels and shop. The convention celebrates upcoming films and TV shows, and allows fans to connect with artists, celebrities, and show and comic creators.

The Price of Attending Comic-Con 2015: $1,853

Comic-Con is a huge event and grows in popularity every year. As demand for badges and hotel rooms grow, so does the price of attendance. Understandably, the price of full attendance is greatly reduced if you live in the area, but for those that need to travel to attend the convention, the full amount tallies up to $1,853. That amount does not include how much you spend shopping in downtown San Diego or at the convention.

Cost of San Diego Comic-Con Badges: $220

Wondering how much are Comic-Con tickets? Badge prices vary based on the day. Single day badges cost between $35 and $50. The entire cost to attend all four days plus Preview Night will cost you about $220 — if you manage to get a badge off the Comic-Con website.

Airfare to San Diego Cost: $772.31

If you’re flying into San Diego, your airfare costs will have a heavy bearing on how much it costs you to go to Comic-Con. The average cost for a one-way flight is $392.66, according to data published by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Flights out of San Diego average $379.65. A round-trip ticket then will run you in the ballpark of $772.31.

San Diego Comic-Con Hotel Cost: $664

If you plan on staying for the entire convention, you’re going to need a hotel close to where Comic-Con is being held. Luckily, Comic-Con attendees can access exclusive deals at hotels near the convention center.

Comic-Con 2015 hotels have rates starting at $166 per person, according to the Comic-Con hotel list. If you plan to stay all four nights, your visit will cost $664. If you stay near downtown, you can hitch free rides to the convention center using Comic-Con’s shuttle bus service. If you’re staying away from the venue, be prepared to pay between $10 and $20 for a full day of parking.

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Price of Meals While Attending San Diego Comic-Con: $120

As with any event, food prices at the convention will be marked up. If you want to save money, try bringing meals with you. You can eat across from the convention center or, like many attendees, along the walls inside convention hall.

If you budget for food, you can get away with spending as little as $30 a day, or $120 for the entire trip. If you plan to eat at the many restaurants in downtown San Diego, be prepared for long queues and high prices.

Cost of Wearing a Costume to San Diego Comic-Con: $77

Going to Comic-Con and not wearing a costume is like going to the movies and not getting popcorn — the two go hand in hand. Conventions are the perfect time to let your nerd flag fly. But if you want to go in cosplay, you can shell out quite a bit of money.

Purchasing a ready-to-wear costume can save you money. The average cost of a costume is $77, according to The National Retail Federation. However, many attendees design their own costumes or purchase made-to-order pieces, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

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